Harrow Colchester South Lions Club

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Harrow Colchester South Lions Hall is located at 206 McAffee Street, Harrow, Ontario

Our mailing address is:

Harrow Colchester South Lions
P.O. BOX 1079
Harrow, Ontario
N0R 1G0


  1. Linda Merle

    are you having vendors at the sale May 7? I would be interested in some information on renting a spot..thanks Linda Merle -519-324-2729 linda.merle@yahoo.ca

  2. Chris Drew

    I am a member of the Amherstburg Malden and Anderdon Sportsmens Association and on the committee that organizes our Walleye tournament and our Bob Meloche Kids Fishing Derby. We are looking at how other organizations organize and host their Kids Fishing Derbies compared to ours to see what any differences there might be or if we could include some of what others do into our Bob Meloche Kids Fishing Derby. We are look for information such as what age is the cut for entering like ours is 12 years, what is the prize structure like we give every kid who attends a prize whether they win for a big fish or not, kids age 0 to 4 get toys, ages 5 to 12 get fishing rods and reels and bags of fishing tackle, plus a party with hotdogs, pop, chips, cookies, Mr freezies, face painting, games with prizes. we also have three age groups for big fish prizes of cash, 0 to 4, 5 to 8 and 9 to 12. could you please let me know how your prize structure compares to ours.

    thanks Chris Drew 1 519 734 7388
    AMA Sportsmens Association Fishing Committee

    I am also involved with my son inlaw in organizing the boating and fishing expo in harrow that will more than likely be returning this year.

  3. Donna Wright


    I am wanting to contact Caroline about volunteer services. I saw an ad somewhere in Harrow, wrote down her telephone number, but misplaced it.

    Thank you.

  4. Jacqueline Lamarche

    Hi there,

    I would like to inquire on renting the hall for December 2nd or 9th for a family Christmas party. Would the hall be available either of these dates? If not, is there a date in which is available perhaps then end of November?

    I’ve previouly rented the hall for my daughter’s birthday party and I thought it would be perfect for our family Christmas party.

    I look forward to your response.

    Warm regards,
    Jackie Lamarche

  5. Stefanie Burrows

    Hi I am wondering what type of help we could get for my fiance for a Therapy dog? Please contact me an I can get more into detail.


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